Dmitry Tokarev and Kat Starr Johnson

Conditioning Training

After 3 days of detoxing and drinking juices I was very much looking forward to eating again. The Dan Roberts Team partnered with a London based gourmet food provider the Pure Package.


The Team specified my nutrition requirements (amounts of protein, carbs etc) and deliveries started straight afterwards. Three main meals with 3 – 4 snacks guarantee that you can manage 2 trainings a day and hopefully have a bit of energy left in me. I was also told that when I’m going out I should drop a text message with the name of the restaurant in order to get a response from my trainer on what I can eat there. Sport diet has no days – off.

The second and current stage of the training is conditioning. During this phase the program is focused on your general fitness level, mobility and gradually adopting your body to the regime. I’m training with two personal trainers now Don Graham and Kat Starr Johnson. Both have got different backgrounds and approaches to things at the gym but the end result stays the same…you are pushing yourself beyond your limits and getting completely squeezed out. It does feel awesome!


Don is an extremely friendly person who trains professional cage fighters. When you complain about how tired you are today, he listens then smiles and asks you to do another 20 reps and he is never too shy to ask for it again. In my life I used many techniques of talking people in to and out of things, but failed miserably this time. There wasn’t a single day when I left gym feeling like I managed to cheat a little. Don’s main weapons of destruction are kettlebells and something that he calls tabata. The latter makes you cry after 15 minutes.

Kat… I will talk about her next time. All I will say for now is that she is an international badass.